Yes Yoga One Sioux Falls Yoga Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

You are in the right place. Trust there is a reason you are looking at this modality. I am happy to introduce various yogic tools and walk you through experimenting with which ones may be suitable for you as well as discovering with you what other modalities may be helpful to your situation and referring you to those who have helped me to heal.

Your lunch time reset will be more about taking cooling, restorative, integrative and mind clearing practices. You will leave refreshed, finish out your workday, and head into your home life feeling more present and revitalized. If you need something more vigorous that day, we can energize by skillful movement of the body and breathing exercises.

I will have mats for you to use. If you have a mat you’d like to leave here, it can stay safely waiting for you to use on your visits. Check out this eco-friendly handmade mat here. Let me know if you want me to order you one and I can get one for you at a special price.

Absolutely! Yes Yoga One’s studio is located inside the Park Ridge Galleria. If we have made arrangements to meet in The Sanctuary space, also located in the Park Ridge Galleria, there is an elevator to take you up to the second floor space.

Think of your experience as a conversation, both between you and I, and also between you and your essential self. Like in life, we pick up different tools, experiment, and keep what is beneficial and release what isn’t. Your assessment will generally last 60-90 minutes. We’ll assess your constitution, any relevant medical history, physical mobility, and lifestyle patterns. We’ll look at areas you want to focus on bringing into greater balance, and select yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditations, routines, essential oils and other practices that are agreeable to you.

Yin style yoga is wonderfully described here

Ayurveda is described beautifully here

I have a 200 hour Yoga Teacher certificate through the Yoga Institute in Houston, TX, The California College of Ayurveda’s Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, and The Art of Teaching Private Yoga. I evaluate and determine constitution and imbalances by patterns, physical attributes, and digestion. I practice and teach how to therapeutically apply the techniques of yoga asana, application of body oils and brushing, meditation, lifestyle routines, diet changes, and the use of plant based oils. I am not an Ayurvedic medical practitioner; I don’t perform ayurvedic treatments such as panchakarma or shirodhara; if you are looking for that, I’d love to recommend someone locally who practices these techniques. I don’t diagnose imbalances or constitution by taking pulse, or by looking at the tongue or eyes.

I’ve had successful outcomes in relieving and managing various imbalances like pain, anxiety, adapting after the military, insomnia, overwork, and multiple other aspects of healing through yoga and other natural healing techniques. Benefits deepen and multiply when yoga and meditation were combined with the subtle healing power of BodyTalk Access and Cortices, a daily energy balancing technique. I want natural techniques like yoga and BodyTalk Access to be easy to access, to take up in little steps, because just a little can begin to transform a life. I like to offer yoga tailored to the individual, so a person can discover and explore how to direct energy in the manner they choose, to create the life experience that brings them the most joy.

You’ll lie down on a cushioned mat on the floor or on a massage table (at The Sanctuary), and I will hold focus through light touch in a systematic manner, and tap over the head and heart. It’s generally very relaxing and free from risk. Many people experience benefit after the first visit. These sessions generally last 30-35 minutes. Repeated practice of the technique brings the most powerful changes in body. I will teach you a balancing technique you can use daily on your own. See more on BodyTalk Access Balancings and Cortices technique here

  • You would like to get comfortable with yoga before taking group classes
  • You are curious about yoga and would like to learn how to use breathing practices, poses, and more to benefit you and your specific areas of focus, ie quitting smoking, adapt from military, sleep better, lose weight, stress less, work better, manage pain, improve focus, improve sleep
  • You want to include yoga in your fitness or wellness program, but find it slips to the bottom of the priority list; having an appointment to keep will help keep you on track
  • You want a yoga break from work without making big modifications to your schedule
  • You want to try yoga with a partner or friend
  • You want to learn a few things you can do on your own at home or at work