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“Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road. Healthy, free, the world before me. The long brown path before me leading me wherever I choose. Henceforth, I ask not good fortune, I myself am good fortune. Henceforth, I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing.”

–Walt Whitman

About Sheila

Welcome to my space on the inter webs! I am glad you are here, and may you find what you are looking for. The light in me honors the light in you! Namaste!

I am Sheila Norman. I am an Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist, BodyTalk Access Technician and yin yoga teacher. I went through Yoga Teacher Training with Lex Gillan in 2011 in Houston, TX. I practiced only Bikram yoga before then. I was very interested in Ayurveda and private instruction. I was attracted to the cycles of activity and rest, and learning more about how humans are a part of the patterns of nature. In 2013, I trained at the Bahamas Sivananda Ashram with Marc Halpern through the California College of Ayurveda to receive a certificate in Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy. This is applying yogic practices like breathing exercises, poses, routine, diet, relaxation, plant based oils and more in an ayurvedically informed way, specific to each individual’s constitution. I then studied The Art of Teaching Private Yoga with Kate Connell, updated my certificate in Sensory Processing Across the Life Span with Laura Barker, and went through a course to become certified in Yin Yoga with Carole Westerman. Other areas of focus in my education that inform my classes are Traumatic Stress: Resiliency and Healing with Yoga through the Sedona Yoga Festival, Ayurveda and Autoimmune Conditions, Ayurveda and and Plant Based Paleo Diet with Dr. Akil Palanisamy, and Pediatric Yoga with Allison Morgan of Zensational Kids.

I teach group and individual lessons in Sioux Falls, SD at a Health and Fitness Club for people over 50 situated inside All Saints at Touchmark retirement community and for veterans at the VA Medical Center. I have taught through the public library system, Community Education, and Bloom, a learning and play environment for children, where the focus is on children.

Here is my guest podcast interview with Stephanie Cunningham of Changing the Face of Yoga on my delivery of yoga. I’m honored to be interviewed among such talented and interesting yoga teachers!


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