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Absolutely no hesitations! I have been through a lot of medical yuck and yoga and energy work is a non-invasive approach to feeling better. I don’t see any harm in trying something that you KNOW won’t hurt you! The feeling I had after the yoga was peace and calming. A much better understanding of how the muscles of the body work in sync with the joints, bones, ect. But most of all how the mental plays such a big part in healing the body. I have done yoga before so that didn’t come as such a surprise to me. However the body energy thing was new to me. Again it was way evident in how the mind,body,spirit and soul all work together to maintain happiness and clarity. Love!


My son came from your training in great mood. Boosted confidence, positive and motivated. He did a circuit class at the gym without the need to be pushed and encouraged and without complaining which is a very good sign your approach is working. Also, without reminding and the need of external motivation he decided to stay after the class was over and practice on his basketball skills on his own (again, being a self motivated self starter is a especially good sign!) After his yoga classes, my son feels positive all the time and eager to share with me what he has learned from you. Instead of being in passive victim-like mode he showed initiative to communicate, to help others, and over increase in self confidence.


I had some reservations about trying yoga, because I was very unfamiliar with the names of poses, and had poor balance from radiation therapy on my brain. I had gone to a yoga class in the past and the instructor was correcting me in class and it was very uncomfortable and embarrassing. I didn’t try again for over a year! I am much more comfortable with it all because Sheila is very good at helping, demonstrating and showing different poses at all levels, beginners and up. The breathing techniques that I’ve learned from Sheila (more than any other instructor) has not only helped while doing them, but also in daily activities, knowing how to relax and remain focused. Staying focused was really hard for me at first, but I think Sheila senses it if you are not fully present and reminds me to let it go and how to get back on track. I would definitely recommend Sheila to anyone, young or old, with physical issues and limitations, because she will show you exactly what works for each individual based on their needs and the benefits they want to receive. Sheila has a very pleasant personality, soothing voice, and good music! Sheila is very patient and extremely good at showing the correct way of doing poses without intimidating. You can share anything with her and know she will not judge you or make you feel uncomfortable. You can even tell her to change the music and she doesn’t get upset! Ask her questions anytime and she is always willing to show you how to do something or how to change it up a bit so it works best for you. Yes to yoga! And Yes to Sheila!


Thank you for helping me with my detox diet. I loved the mindful eating concept and have been practicing it since July. I have lost 26 pounds and I feel great! Thanks for your help and your inspiration! It feels great to be healthy!


I met Sheila about 3 years ago. Soon after becoming her student I realized she is the best choice for yoga instructor I could wish for. Let me tell you why. Sheila designs her yoga classes to make all of the participants feel comfortable. There I found the best balance between engaging body, soul and mind in one experience. After her class I feel optimistic, motivated, re-energized and up lifted. Sheila chooses soothing music and discrete light to help everyone to get attuned to their own unique needs. She has the ability to connect with the participants and to guide them in a gentle and non-intimidating way. Sheila is kind, approachable, supportive and passionate yoga teacher that is always ready to suggest a modification or give advice to those who ask for it. Most importantly, when she teaches yoga you feel she puts her heart into it and this is why I highly recommend her yoga classes to all ages and levels of physical preparedness.


I had reservations about yoga before starting. I had been exercising regularly for several years but mostly cardio classes and machines, and weights. This was an adventure – a friend told me I would enjoy it but I had no idea what to expect. The first time I went to class my daughter went with me. We couldn’t stop laughing at each other because we thought we looked so ridiculous in our attempts to do the poses. But I decided to give the class a couple more tries and realized that with a little practice I could do the poses correctly. And I felt good afterward. My muscles were stretched and relaxed. After my 3rd or 4th class, I found a book that illustrated the poses, and that helped. Plus Sheila was always willing to stay an extra few minutes after class to answer questions and demonstrate. Since I started yoga I have developed arthritis in my neck, hands, back, hips, knees, and feet. I’ve had to modify some of the poses but it still works well for me. I can feel the joints loosening and relaxing, so I get some relief from the stiffness and aches, especially in my feet. Along the way, Sheila has encouraged those of us who have joint issues to change the poses as we need to. She gives us options for the poses, and she guides the class at a pace that allows us time to get into the more complex poses, then hold them for a few breaths. This is really nice since balance can be more challenging for those of us with muscular/skeletal issues. Yoga has helped my muscle tone, balance, focus, and overall fitness. I look forward to it. And besides the physical benefits I’ve experienced – before and after the onset of arthritis – yoga allows for thinking time. I’ve solved some of my bigger challenges during the quiet and focus of yoga sessions. I have enjoyed Sheila’s instruction and I would recommend her as a yoga guide/teacher. She is gentle, patient, and knowledgeable. Her attention to individuals’ needs is so helpful. She provides a comfortable, encouraging environment that allows clients to get real benefits from yoga practice.


I did have hesitations- I did not know if it was a “religious” practice and how my community of people surrounding me would react to me practicing yoga. I still get warnings… Yoga saved me! It was because of Yoga that I learned to stretch and use breath work to move and gain a better understanding of my body. My pain caused me to not want to do anything but with Yoga I was able to let go and feel better with practice. Yes, would recommend you! 🙂 You are a very knowledgeable/ warm friendly person who can hold the wonderful presence in a Yoga class. I would tell others to let you know if there are any issues with their health so that you would be able to address them during class- whether it’s with their back or knees etc. I love how you can adjust do to peoples needs.


I had a couple reservations, seemed like some hippy stoner kind of thing. Seems like it’s a little too spiritual and strange for my tastes as far as the being one with your body thing goes. I do enjoy the benefits of it tho, always felt better physically after a session. I would recommend you to anyone looking to give it a try, you seemed very knowledgeable about yoga practices.


Last night Marshall went to bed by himself again (after about 10 issues) and this morning at breakfast he proudly announced to me “I practiced yoga last night.” And I said “Oh yeah! What did you practice?”
“I squeezed and it helped!!”
Thank you so much for hosting and sharing your wonderfully peaceful knowledge at the Nighty-Night, Pumpkin event!”

Sam, mother of 3 year old boy

I love my oils! I think they help me relax and when I don’t have them, I miss them!


As I come to the end of my life, I am able to see that helping people is one of the most important things a person can do, and you do that with kindness, compassion and mercy. Keep doing what you are doing, the world needs you. Your unique combination of offerings is perfect in a one on one setting.

Dorothy, 95